New start

Site that I made to post works without worrying about any rules enforced by other sites.
I still havent received any information about removal of my blog from Tumblr so for now you can follow this one:

EDIT: My old Tumblr is restored!

And check out Patreon:

More works to be posted soon, any “heavier” works like beasty and else will also be posted here without worrying about anything else. (At least I hope so)

2 thoughts on “New start

  1. Greetings!

    Do you have many artworks have you created with Link? I recently came across one and found your artist name attached to the work. Erotik and sensual, nicely done.

    Also, have you checked into SubscribeStar?

    Pleasant day!


    1. Hello,
      I’ve made only few of them.
      I might move into SubscribeStar if Patreon will once again have some kind of problem with my site 🙁

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